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Top 9 Must-Have Apps for Traveling

If you love to be overly prepared when going on a trip, then you've come to the right spot. Going to new places can be stressful and expensive, but it doesn't always have to be that way! Traveling is always within reach, you just have to find the right deals. Over the past few years, I've gotten the chance to explore a ton of different travel apps. Here's a list of my favorite ones:

1. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is always the first app I use when looking for flights. Not only do they have the best rates for flights, but they also do hotels & car rentals.

Favorite features:

  • Explore everywhere option- Don't know where to go? They'll give you suggestions based off where you're flying out of of.

  • Multi-city button- This gives you the option to book multiple flights at once, making the booking process easier! You can choose up to 6 destinations.

  • Price Alerts feature- You can track prices for your trip to make sure you get the best rate!

2. Bounce

Bounce is the best luggage storage app I've found so far, and I couldn't recommend it more! I use this app when I have a late night flight and don't want to spend extra money on a hotel/airbnb. This allows me to continue exploring the destination I'm at without having to lug around all my bags.

Favorite Features:

  • Affordable and easy to use- When I used this app in Puerto Rico, it cost me $5 to store my bags for the entire day

  • Safe and trustworthy- I was skeptical at first, but most of the time hotels use these apps so your bags are behind the front desk and locked away in a room.

  • Global- This app is used across the world, making it convenient and stress-free.

3. AllTrails

I love to go on hikes and explore the outdoors no matter where I am, so I constantly use AllTrails. This app tells you the elevation, length, route type, and difficulty of any trail you look up. This app is also used world-wide!

Favorite Features:

  • Descriptive details- for every trail, it gives an in-depth description on if there's guardrails, is some parts are more steep than others, what the trailhead is near incase you have a hard time with directions, and so much more!

  • Reviews and photos- with the account you create, you're able to see people's reviews on the trail and even see photos!

  • Parking and contacts- If you aren't sure it's open, or want information on where to park, AllTrails provides all of that for you. this includes names and numbers for departments of parks and recreation, division of forestry and wildlife, and trail access technicians.

4. Hostelworld

I can't recommend this App more if you're ballin' on a budget and have a passion for meeting new people. Hostels can get a bad rep, but you just have to know what to look for. Some things to look for when you're new to the hostel world are locked luggage storage, female-only/male-only rooms, curtains for privacy, and high ratings with good reviews.

Favorite features:

  • Best deals feature- On the home page, you'll be able to see which countries and cities have the best deals. this is perfect when you don't know where to go.

  • The chat- you can join a chat room with other travelers going to the same destinations as you. this makes it easy to plan excursions and not be as nervous if you're traveling alone or in a small group. With this being said, always be cautious when communicating with strangers on the internet and never disclose the actual property you're staying at.

  • Reviews+ photos- It's always very important to me to make sure i'm staying in a safe and friendly environment. Through the reviews posted on here, you can see whether a hostel is for older people (35+), party-style, or quiet and laid back.

5. Rail Planner

Going to Europe? Don't miss out on this one. Rail Planner is an essential app that lets you travel to up to 33 countries with ease.

Favorite Features:

  • Pass benefits- Pass benefits offers you discounts on tours, hostels, ferries, and more based on what euro-rail pass you have.

  • Mobile Pass- You can do everything from your phone, so there's no need to worry about printing things out. This makes it easy to stay more organized and switch seat reservations last minute if you want.

  • Rail network guides- You can learn about how your pass works for each country and beneficial travel information is provided.

6. The Dyrt

Let me introduce you to your camping must-have app. The Dyrt has a free version & a Pro version. If you camp a lot, then I highly recommend the pro version as this one allows map downloads and offline access. If you're like me and only camp on occasion, the free one works just fine.

Favorite features:

  • My list- I love this feature because you can start planning a trip and save something you like, so it's easy to come back to.

  • Campsite reviews- this app has more campsite reviews than any other app I've downloaded.

  • Trip Planner- You can plan multiples trips and a visual map of all your stops will be provided for you!

7. Worldpackers

For anyone whose really tight on money but determined to explore the world, you're welcome. This app is your new best friend. Worldpackers provides you with opportunities of a lifetime. A free place to stay with possible meals, in exchange for some work. From teaching english to working on farms, there's something for everyone here.

Favorite features:

  • Programs- you can apply to worldpacker programs such as blogging, photography, being a guru, video-making, and being a scout. These programs help you earn money by doing these things around the world

  • Bucket-list destinations- this app includes countries from every single part of the world. Imagine checking things off your bucket-list and getting paid for it. sounds like a dream

  • Host verification- Worldpackers vets and verifies every single host, making you feel more comfortable when taking on a job. With no cowboy operations, this app is trustworthy and safe.


You probably see this one often, and it's for a good reason. Any time I book hotels, this is the first app I look at. It's easy, offers some of the best deals, and has a great rewards program.

Favorite features:

  • Rewards- for every 10 nights you book, you get one free stay! This is an easy thing to accomplish after 1 or 2 trips.

  • Favorites- you can save properties so you can come back to them later.

  • Deals- They provide you with deals in your area or the area you're looking to travel to.

9. Airbnb

This is the most basic one for this post, but airbnb has never failed me. It's such a perfect option when you're traveling with a big group. With this being said, I usually never use airbnb when traveling with less than 4 people because the cleaning fees and other expenses add up to be more than a hotel room half the time.

Favorite features:

  • Wishlist- you can not only save properties, but save them for the specific dates you're traveling

  • "I'm Flexible" feature- Airbnb will automatically offer you different locations and dates with the best rates based on your availability.

  • Communication- Airbnb offers the best communication between you and the host without giving away private information. It tells you average response time, response rate, and languages spoken by the host.

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