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The Best and Worst Places to Stay in Tulum

I want to start this post off by saying you will rarely ever find airbnbs right on the beach in Tulum. If you want to wake up to the ocean every morning, I highly recommend staying at a resort! I however, prefer to stay in the town so I can get a real feel for it, so I opted for the Airbnb option. It’s also cheaper and great if you’re traveling in a large group. Starting with the Best:

  1. Maia Tulum

Overall: 9/10

This is where I stayed the first time I went to Tulum in February of 2021 and I couldn’t speak more highly of it. It was 0.5 miles from the main strip of Tulum so we were able to explore it easily. (Disclaimer: Not the main strip by the beach, the main strip in town) On top of that, the apartment complex had a gorgeous rooftop pool and our room had a massive patio with a small yard. This space is perfect for anyone working remote or doing school online. We had a living room, full kitchen, 1 bedroom, and 1 bathroom for $61 per night. This complex also comes with 24 hour security and a padlocked gate to keep out anyone who isn’t staying on the property. The only complaint I have is that the AC could’ve been better and the mattresses could’ve been more comfortable.


2. Black House

Overall: 8.5/10

I stayed at this Airbnb with a few of my girlfriends and felt extra safe with the 24 hour security and locked front lobby gates. This beautiful 2 bedroom apartment was only $85 per night and had beautiful sliding glass doors in each bedroom that went outside to a private pool and seating area. Our host was so kind as to include a speaker and a bottle of wine free of charge! This whole area is mainly apartment complexes rented out as airbnbs, so it’s very easy to make friends here. With this being said, it was difficult for us to get a taxi without walking down the road first which can feel sketchy at night. I highly suggest this place for couples trips or small families.


3. Mysti​​q

Overall: 5/10

I honestly wish I had a better experience here because the place itself was amazing, but unfortunately we got robbed by the employees of Mystiq while we were sleeping. This Penthouse came with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a rooftop pool, and a large patio with a giant sliding glass door that opened up the entire living room. Aside from a small ant problem and the robbery, this hotel was a good place to stay. Each door has an electronic lock which you need a code for, so only you and the employees of the hotel know it. The hotel has 24/7 security, but the cameras around the property magically don’t work. There’s also another review posted under their website about guests being beaten and robbed, which I can’t believe we didn’t notice before booking. This is your sign to do extensive research when booking airbnbs!!! When we talked to our host, police, and the managers on property, nobody really did anything about it. For your own safety, I advise you to stay away from this entire complex no matter how nice it looks.


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